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Greetings from PPD STUDIOS!

This Welcome Letter contains all the information you need to prepare for, get to, enjoy and recover from your Pole Dancing & Aerial lessons! Please read through before your first session.



What should I wear?

Pole Classes

Comfort is the most important thing, so that you can enjoy a relaxed lesson. In pole dancing the more skin in contact with the pole, the more grip you have, so ideally you should wear shorts and a t shirt or vest top. However, some students choose to wear long trousers such as leggings or jogging bottoms, as they feel more comfortable (and warmer in cold weather)
Please bring a hoody/joggers or something similar for warm up and cool down.
As lessons progress the skin on the legs, especially the thighs is used for sitting on the pole and gripping, so please be aware that some moves cannot be achieved in long trousers.

No outdoor shoes are permitted in the Studio space. You can work in bare feet, or in the cold weather many people opt to wear socks, or slipper socks with grips underneath, as the Studio floor can be cold! As a beginner, heels are a trip hazard and it's so easy to catch your leg or arm on your heel while you're mid spin. Only our advertised heels classes permit heels to be worn.

All jewellery on hands, wrists & ankles must be removed or covered with tape prior to class. This includes all rings, bracelets and watches. Fitness trackers/smart watches can only be worn if covered with a sweat band.

Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Hoop doesn't require skin contact like Pole Dancing, its preferable to keep covered up. We suggest wearing several layers of clothing, but keep them form fitting, for example leggings, leg warmers, vest top and long sleeve top. Over the knee socks/leg warmers can provide extra protection for the backs of the knees, this can also be achieved by pulling a short pair of leg warmers around the knee area. 
No outdoor shoes are permitted in the Studio space. You can work in bare feet or in the cold weather many people opt to wear socks, or slipper socks, with grips underneath, as the Studio floor can be cold!

Aerial Silks Classes

Try to avoid loose fitting clothing. As you progress you may need to cover your arms, your knees and your midriff. Cotton fabrics are more compatible with silks than shiny lycra. Please keep armpit areas covered for hygiene purposes.
Jewellery and watches need to be taken off and long hair should be tied back to avoid getting tangled on the equipment. This includes earrings with butterfly backs, any dangling jewellery etc
Clothing cannot have zips, poppers or embellishments etc - as these can snag the Silks! Please check running leggings for pockets with zips at the back.

No long acrylic nails. If Silks are snagged/torn they have to be replaced which is very costly!

Aerial Silks is also generally done in bare feet as this gives you the best grip.

To ensure your safety and to keep our equipment safe/undamaged we have to be very strict on these rules.


Do I need to bring anything to lesson?

It is important to keep hydrated during lessons, so please bring a bottle of water along with you.
A wrist sweat band can also be quite useful to stop any friction burns on the inner wrist once we start with some of the more advanced spins. These can also be worn to cover fitness trackers/smart watches, otherwise these need to be removed for classes.

DON'T wear any hand or body lotions, use a sunbed before lesson, or apply instant fake tanning products, as these make the pole slidey for everyone and make it much harder to grip the pole. Leave the beauty regime until you get home please!

DON’T wear any jewellery on the pole, hoop or silks. Rings MUST be removed or covered with a plaster/tape before class, rings will scratch the poles. Watches and bracelets can also scratch the pole and necklaces are a safety hazard. Please leave valuables at home, or keep them somewhere safe, I would hate for anyone to lose anything!

After your first few lessons students can expect some aching and stiffness because Pole Dancing and Aerial Arts use a lot of upper body and core strength.
Aches and pains are normal, they just show you've made your body work, which is a good thing! The pain is normally caused by stiffness, after exercising muscles you maybe didn’t know you had! However if you follow the stretches you are given by your Instructor and have nice hot baths or showers to relax muscles after lessons, you'll be fine in no time! And it does get better with time, the more classes you attend the shorter your “recovery” time will be!

Lessons are held at PPD STUDIOS
16A Marsh Mills, Luck Lane, Marsh, Huddersfield, HD3 4AB

Contact SJ – 07714 005565

Directions to PPD STUDIOS

From the Ring Road in Huddersfield town centre, take A640 Trinity Street, also signposted Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Continue past Greenhead Park and across Gledholt Roundabout, onto Westbourne Road and into Marsh. You will pass KFC on your left, then the Co-op, also on your left. Take a left turn immediately after the Co-op, before “One Beauty Boutique" onto Luck Lane. Follow the road past the entrance to the Co-op car park on your left and you'll see a sign and gate into the car park for Marsh Mills on your right. Turn right into the car park and follow the car park forward past the building and then round to the left. You will see "De Mellos" directly in front of you on the ground floor and you will find the Studio up the stairs on the upper floor, at the rear of the Mill.

Public transport - You can take the bus to the bus stop on the main Westbourne Road, including the 301 370 372 503 537 services.

We hope this answers any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing you in lesson!
Team PPD

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