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Marble Surface



Pole has changed me mentally and physically! My body confidence has grown so much, pole has toned me up and given me muscle in places I never knew you had muscle! I love it!!!

Marble Surface



Joining PPD was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Whole crew is so cute and supportive. They make you welcome and valid from the day one! The amount of encouragement I received is crazy.

Marble Surface



I have been attending for 10 years. I’ve made lots of friends, everyone is so supportive and encouraging. It has kept me fit in a fun and enjoyable way! I would recommend a hundred times over!

Marble Surface



The Instructors create a fun and supportive environment. Everyone is super friendly and there is no judgement.
I feel like l am improving and getting so much out of it. I would 100% recommend!

Marble Surface



Great teaching quality, working really well around the fact that I've not touched a pole in over a year. I had a great time at my first lesson here and would definitely recommend the place! It's an openly LGBTQ friendly studio too!

Marble Surface



Lovely atmosphere, friendly teachers and pupils. Amazing skills and so knowledgeable about the arts. Would 100% recommend if you need a studio to attend or to try something new!

Marble Surface



Although it's not as easy as it looks, it was fun and addictive and the Instructors are brilliant. Lots of inspiration provided by the more experienced students as well. Really enjoyed it and I'm now hooked!

Marble Surface

Amy Rose


I've been going here for quite a long time now and I love it. I'm Dyspraxic and Autistic and these studios are my favourite place to go, I feel at home. SJ is amazing she really does believe in you! Everyone including other students make you feel so comfortable.

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